Focus on sustainability and the environment - we can make our contribution

Our responsibility for our employees – A sustainable working environment and opportunities for further development
  • We focus both on the education of skilled workers and on our employees being able to develop further, and we make arrangements for this
  • We focus on ensuring that all employees – regardless of gender, origin etc. – have equal opportunities to develop in the company
Our responsibility for the environment – avoid all unnecessary and unintentional emissions
  • We carry out our production and surface treatment without polluting the water/soil
  • Our products are manufactured to a higher quality that lasts longer
  • We produce in Norway – for the northern European market – this reduces the need for transport
Our responsibility for our products and how they are manufactured
  • Continuous focus on reducing energy consumption in connection with our production
  • It is our responsibility to use the resources we use to avoid unnecessary processing
  • We must constantly work to minimize waste, recycle where possible, and follow regulations