Information about our safety cabinets and what parts are available.
We produced safety cabinets from 1994 to 2011. Production was then taken over by Raufoss Ammunitionsfabrikk (now Raufoss Engineering) and produced under the Duun name for several years. On this page you will find all the details of the cabinets we manufacture until the end of production at our place. Please note that some parts are available in very limited quantities.
Parts can be ordered from Felleskjøpet.

Article no. Designation
2931012 Mauer lock 2001 – 2004
2931008 Euro Lock lock 1994
2931009 Euro Lock key 1994
2931016 Euro Lock lock 2004 – 2011
2931017 Euro Lock key 2004 – 2011
1180511 Door SGS7
1180611 Door SGS17
2932020 Handle SGS 6/8/16
2932021 Handle SGS 4/7/17 up to 2005
2932030 Handle SGS 4/7/17 from 2006

Additional information:
Mauer’s key blank can be ordered at
Boda 2925 lock and key blank: Assa Abloy has discontinued this type of lock and key and we have none left in stock. Key items are still in stock at Safeteknikk as of 31/05/22.
Are all the keys gone? When the cabinet was new, it came with two keys. These are the only two keys that fit that lock. If both keys are missing and the cabinet is locked, the only option is to break in. If the cabinet is open, it is possible to change the lock box, provided that a new (and similar) lock box is still available.
We do not have the equipment to grind key blanks. These must be taken to a locksmith who has equipment for this. Grinding a new key requires that you have a key left that can be copied.

Here you will find information about the Duun fertilizer gate and what parts can be obtained.
Ordinary production of manure gates ended in 1998, but we still supplement with doors and some other parts for this gate. Doors are made to order with production twice a year (spring and autumn).
Below you will find a list with all parts and article numbers. Parts can be ordered from Felleskjøpet.

Additional information:
We still have some frames in stock, but these are not listed above. Contact us if you need a frame, and we can look at what is in stock.