Mulcher BP220

The rear mounted mulchers are constructed in high-strength steel qualities that ensure that they can withstand the stresses they are subjected to over time. This applies to both main body, roller, and the main rotor. The hammer mounts are in 16mm toughened material with a profile that provides collision protection and helps to prevent them from deforming when the hammers are sheared off. The hull is designed so that the cavity between the hammer and the hull is at least where the mass meets the knives and if stones and foreign bodies are picked up and pass the knives, they will pass through without damaging the mulcher body. For additional wear resistance all Duun Mulchers are as standard equipped with a bolted 1,5mm Hardox® wear plate inside the hull.

The mulchers have powerful belt drive with high quality belts that can withstand great stress. BP220 has four belts and is driven at 540 rpm from the tractor PTO.

The mulchers have a three-point linkage with a hydraulicly operated lateral movement of 50 cm. The three-point linkage has flow grooves in the mounting ears for arms and top link, this together with the large diameter roller means that the mulcher is able to follow the terrain very well.

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Technical Specifications Mulcher BP220
Specifications: BP220
Working width (cm): 220
Transport width (cm): 240
Lateral movement (cm): 50
Rotor RPM @ pto 540rpm: 2053
Required tractor power (hp): 50hk
Freewheel: Incorporated in gearbox
No. of SPX belts for rotor drive: 4
Number of hammers: 18
Outside diameter rotor (mm) x wall thickness: 168,7x8
Outside diameter roller (mm) x wall thickness: 193,7x5
Belt tensioning: Mechanical
Weight (kg): 700
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