Slurry handling

Experience in slurry handling

Since their launch in 1991 Duun slurry pumps have been a big success, and achieved a big market share.

Our experience during these years has been implemented as continous improvements of our pumps. They hasve been improved as to capacity and features compared to conventional solutions. We have applied new techniques in CAD and cooperated with personell having top competence in pump design. In order to achieve the best possible results we have chosen the best solutions in design and materials. Considerable amounts has been used for moulds and use of new materials having longer life and better function.

During the development process we have cooperated closely with farmers in our neighbourhood and implemented practical experiences in our end product. Our access to modern manufacturing technology gives us the opportunity to design and build wanted features for our pumps.

Our success in the market confirms that our product meet the demands for function and performance.