Firewood processor VM320

  • Affordable firewood processor VM320 with simple and top “drive comfort”
  • Simple operation feed, cut and split by one handle.
  • Wide feed table efficient log clamp and manual start of split function.
  • Capacity 32cm diameter and 50cm split length and max 5,6 ton splitting power..
  • 4meter conveyer with rinse opening.
  • Made fro high tensile steel quality for better wear resistance and longer life.
  • Coupling for hydraulic log lack is optional equipment for customer attachment.
  • 4-part splitting axe with manual height adjustment
  • Conveyour with rinse opening removes debree in the firewood efficiently.
  • Cushioned tension for the elevator chain contributes to longer life
  • The VM320 can be equipped with hydraulic coupling (extra equipment) for connection to our hydraulic log rack model ST2440.
  • One handle for feed, cut and split functions.
  • The handle can be positioned from high speed splitting at low power to slow splitting at high power.
  • Wide and long feed belt.
  • Robust design to withstand high loads for long time
  • Robust and simple log clamp operated manually
  • The robust log stopper moves away during cutting avoiding saw bar jam an ensuring a correct fall into the splitting bed.
  • Saw chain oil from separate container.



Max cutting diametre32 cm
Splitting power5600 kg
Saw chain driveHydraulic
Cut lengthFrom 20 – 50cm stepless adjustable
Saw chain type1,6mm
Chain speed23 meters per second
Size of saw chain0,325» type
Saw chain lenght73 links
Weight600 kg
Moving log stopperYes
Height of feed table875 mm
Splitting knife4 part
Rinsing function in conveyorYes
Saw chain greasingSeparate pump adjustable
Volume saw chain oil container2,5 l
Operation og splitting knifeManual
Number of hydraulic pumps1
Feed beltHydraulic
Conveyor length4 m
Max. Height transport position2315 mm
Length transport position2394 mm
Depth transport position1260 mm
PTO speed400 rpm
Oil tank volume40 litres