Mulchers front/rear mounted

The mulchers are constructed of high-strength steel grades which ensure that they can withstand the stresses they are subjected to over time. This applies to both hull, roller and rotor. The blade attachments are made of 16mm toughened material with a profile that provides collision protection and helps to prevent them from deforming. The hull is designed so that the cavity between knives and hull is expanding from the entrance.  Rocks and foreign matter that are picked up and passed through the blades will emerge without damaging the mulcher.

The mulchers come standard with counter knives which allow for the chopping of long objects like twigs etc.

Mulchers front/rear mounted are available in widths of 280 cm and 300 cm.










BPA280 BPA300
Working width (mm) 2800 3000
Transport width (mm) 3000 3200
Side offset (mm) 500 500
Rotor speed pto 540 rpm 1943 1943
Rotor speed pto 1000 rpm 1850 1850
Required power kW / hp 52/70 60/80
Maximum power kW / hp 540rpm 104/140 104/140
Maximum power kW / hp 1000rpm 133/180 133/180
Freewheel Standard built in gearbox
Rotor drive SPX belts 5 5
Rotor outer diameter (mm) 44 44
Rotor diameter thickness (mm) 193,7×8 193,7×8
Speed of beats (m / s) pto 1000 43 43
Number of hammer knives 24 26
Diameter roller 219,1×5 219,1×5
Belt Tightening Mechanical
Weight 1035 1090